Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Upcoming Event: Davidʼs Beyond the Bund World Dinner

David is giving his loyal customers more reason to smile in November with his World Dinner Feast as part of the Good Food Month. This dinner will take Melbournians on a food adventure exploring regions further afield from Shanghai, called ʻBeyond the Bundʼ.
Under his watchful eye, David and his team have curated a delightful dining event at the restaurant that takes his name. ʻBeyond the Bundʼ promises to be an evening filled with subtle and delectable flavours from Davidʼs own cuisine repertoire for $45 per person. The delicious sensations have also been coupled with wines to enhance and compliment Davidʼs fine food for $65 per person. 

In the spirit of sharing, the offerings have been selected to show the variety that China has to offer. In traditional Chinese cuisine flavours change from region to region as one travels throughout the country. David has emulated these delicious contrasts through his menu choices. 

From the eastern coastal province of Jiang Su comes the Lion Head, a sumptuous pork and chestnut meatball concoction in a delicate chicken broth. 

To represent Shanghai, customers can indulge in the newly crafted crunchy prawn clusters,satisfyingly crisp parcels with a melted butter center. Another seafood offering will be the Crispy flash fried whiting, smoked on luxuriant caramelised leek. 

Davidʼs will serve a thinly sliced crispy beef dish accentuated with orange peel that is distinct and very palatable, a specialty from Hunan, located in the south central part of the Chinese mainland. 

To finish off the World Dinner, Davidʼs will prepare a classic hot favourite from Sichuan, 
wok fried Chinese cabbage with dried chilies. 

In true David's style, the offerings from the kitchen will be hand prepared, using only the freshest and finest quality ingredients. When diners walk into David's for the World Dinner event, they will eat and celebrate as a Shanghai local does, authentic, fast-paced and bustling with flavour
Where: Cecil Place, Prahran 
Cost: $45 - Beverages included: $65 including matching wines
When: November 12 2013 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Bookings: 03 9529 5199

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