Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Hotham Street Ladies Sculpt a Christmas Icing Sugar Feast for The Hotel Windsor

Melbourne’s sugar sculptresses, The Hotham Street Ladies, have crafted an art installation for The Hotel Windsor to go on display for guests and the public from Tuesday, 1 December through to Tuesday, 5 January 2016. 
The installation, Christmas at The Windsor, was commissioned by the hotel to celebrate its 132nd Christmas on Spring Street and is a life-sized depiction of a raucous and glorious festive lunch. The feast is made entirely out of icing sugar and is on display in the main lobby, styled with vintage crockery and furnishings from the hotel. 
Christmas at The Windsor took in excess of 150 hours to create, with more than 50 kilos of icing sugar and countless bottles of food dye used to craft the Christmas dinner scene. The icing sugar is also infused with classic Christmas scents including marzipan and cloves, bringing an additional sensory element to the experience. 
The Hotham Street ladies’ work embraces the themes of food, fashion, feminism and craft; and how their collaborative participation in, and contemporizing of, these activities creates their own distinct cultural community and connects to others.

Timing: Open for everyone to visit from Monday, 30 November – Tuesday, 5 January 
Price: Free

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