Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Waking up to a Yousli Breakfast

Gastrology bloggers joined the Yousli team at their headquarters where we got up close and personal with a brand new brekky that embraces deliciousness and health – the perfect ingredients for a great start to the day.
It all began when Paul Findlay, the creative behind Yousli, was spending too much time in the supermarket aisle trying to find the right cereal blend for him. He was frustrated by the misconception that ‘if it tastes good it must be bad for you’. So, he took things (quite literally) into his own hands by hand-mixing his own muesli creations with the most delicious whole foods he could find.
After nearly six months of tasting and testing with a bunch of his best food loving friends (until they all agreed it was the best muesli they had ever had), Yousli was born. The group paid particular attention to the "crunch profile" of their creations, and having tasted the various blends, we are very glad that they did.

Guided by the Yousli Nutritional Calculator developed by author and nutritionist Arabella Forge, you can create a nutritionally balanced, delicious breakfast combo, hand-mixed to your own unique tastes and preferences.
Once your Yousli blend is ordered online, you can expect it on your doorstep anywhere in Australia within two to five working days. Some lucky Melbournians can even expect same day delivery, with Yousli’s roaming bicycles soon to be hitting the local streets of Melbourne.

We were lucky enough to be invited to Yousli HQ to sample Yousli’s first range of scrumptious pre-made mueslis, as well as the first “Favourite Foodie” release – Shane Delia’s Shameless Delight, washed down with delicious coffee courtesy of St Ali.

There are five pre-made Yousli mueslis on offer…
Gluten Freedom

Gluten Freedom
Utterly delicious, this Yousli blend is made up of puffed quinoa, blueberries, almond slithers, activated buckinis, puffed amaranth, toasted flaked coconut, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, organic currants, zesty barberries & a sprinkle of raw cinnamon. This mix is low in carbs, sodium & a great source of protein & dietary fibre.
Tasting Notes: Light nutty flavours of puffed Quinoa, amaranth, toasted almond slithers and soft creamy toasted coconut are lifted with deep juicy blueberries and currants and activated buckini crunch. A medium level crunch density.
Top: Ginger, Barberry & Macadamia
Bottom: Almond & Sour Cherry

Ginger, Barberry & Macadamia
This delicious ginger blend of creamy roasted macadamia nuts, decadent pistachios, activated buckinis, the warm flavours of ginger spice and the tang of zesty barberries awaken the senses!
Tasting Notes: The subtle, earthy flavours of barley, amaranth, activated buckinis and toasted coconut give way to the rich creaminess of macadamias, followed by small sour pops of barberry, with the naked ginger spice opening up on the finish. Overall a lot to medium level crunch density.
Almond & Sour Cherry
This was Yousli’s original blend which is made up of a delicious mixture of oats, whole grains, plump sour cherries, rolled spelt flakes, activated buckinis, pepitas, chia seeds and the sweet natural flavour of organic currants. The mix is low in salt and a good source of protein and dietary fibre.
Tasting Notes: Organic oats and raw whole grains sit alongside whole dry roasted almonds and deliciously plump sour cherries, finished with a dusting of aromatic cinnamon. A medium to high level crunch density.
Left: Shameless Delight
Right: Sesame Fig & Walnut

Sesame Fig & Walnut
Made from a mixture of luscious dried figs, crispy walnuts, decadent pistachios, organic currants, baked sesame seeds and toasted flaked coconut, this mix is seriously delicious.
Tasting Notes: Whole earthy walnuts, buckwheat grouts and luscious wild figs with raw cinnamon dusted whole grains, organic currant small deep pops and a rich, nutty baked sesame seed finish. A medium to high level crunch density
Shameless Delight
A delicious blend by chef, restaurateur and TV personality Shane Delia, Shameless Delight is a feel-good combo. A Middle Eastern take on breakfast, this Yousli is packed with cinnamon buckinis and quinoa matched with Goji berries, pomegranates and mouth-watering sesame rosewater jellies.
Tasting Notes: Soft, earthy cues of puffed brown rice, quinoa and whole walnuts, with sour bursts and goji berries and chewy pomegranate tang. Cacao nibs add chocolate notes and sesame coated date and fig jelly rosewater on the finish. A low to medium level crunch density.
Of course, if you would prefer to create (and name!) your own breakfast masterpiece, yousli.com.au makes it an incredibly straighforward 3 step process, and allows you to select from a huge range of healthy wholefoods and organic, delicious goodies.

After our tasting of the pre-made muesli, we given the opportunity to do just that!
The first step involves choosing from one of four deliciously simple base blends: Classic, High Fibre, Gluten Free or Cinnamon & Whole Grain.

The second step is to add your favourite Nuts, Seeds and Grains from a long list including Activated Almonds and Buckinis, Pomegranate Seeds, Puffed Quinoa and Amaranth. The final step is to choose your favourite fruits from an exciting array including Barberries, Inca Berries, Figs and Uncrystallised Ginger.
Hand-mixed with quality natural whole foods, Yousli‘s muesli mixes are delicious, healthy and quite honestly, a very exciting new addition to our pantry.

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