Sunday, 6 October 2013

Review: N2 Extreme Gelato

Location: 329 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy and Chinatown, Sydney
Cuisine: Desserts/Ice Cream 
Overall Impression: 7/10
Recently opening its first Melbourne store on Brunswick Street, Sydney-based gelateria N2 Extreme Gelato is going from strength to strength.
We first tried their gelato in Sydney back in October last year and were delighted by the beautiful texture of their ice creams. At N2 Extreme Gelato, employees use fresh produce from local dairies to churn out frozen goodness in-house in made-to-order batches. The wait is only 60 seconds.
Using a time-old technique of churning ice cream with liquid nitrogen, the result is cool, smooth ice cream in interesting flavours like Deconstructed Pavlova and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
The science is simple. The longer it takes to freeze ice cream, the bigger the ice crystals, so the more grainy and icy the texture. As a result of using  liquid nitrogen, N2 Extreme gelato’s ice cream is texturally perfect – in fact, it is one of the smoothest and creamiest ice creams in town.

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 N2 Extreme Gelato on Urbanspoon

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