Saturday, 8 October 2011

Macaron Mania: La Belle Miette vs LuxBite

La Belle Miette
Location: 30 Hardware Lane, Melbourne
Phone: (03) 9024 4528
Overall Impression: 8/10

Location: 38 Toorak Road, South Yarra
Phone: (03) 9867 5888
Overall Impression: 5/10
Given the surge in the macaron fan base in Melbourne, the supply of macarons in cafes have been steadily increasing.  La Belle Miette is a café that contributes to the macaron supply chain. Located in trendy Hardware Lane, this small French patisserie specialises in macarons.

LuxBite on the other hand, is a Malaysian influenced dessert bar with exotic macaron flavours. J and I love exotic flavours and trying new things but ultimately, the macarons at LuxBite failed to satisfy. As pretty as they were, the flavours were very much one dimensional. They lacked the depth and complexity in taste that the ones at La Belle Miette have.
Since our little LuxBite vs La Belle Miette competition, we have been back to La Belle Miette several times…
Our latest visit consisted of us buying a box of 18 macarons filled with every flavour they had. As usual, they were all perfectly shaped. Each macaron was the same size. The flavours were beautiful. Each flavour was distinct and special. There was a good crunch that came with the right thickness of the casing that enveloped the two ‘bsicuit’ sides. This ensured it crumbled perfectly with each bite.  
So I guess the winner is clear... We both cannot wait to go back *again*.
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