Thursday, 7 November 2013

Event Review: 1806 turns 6

Gastrology bloggers recently attended 1806's 6th birthday event where we celebrated the 6 years since those iconic flashing red lights were turned on for the very first time. 
Daniel Warren (Rookie of the Year)

6 years since its inception, this inconspicuous little cocktail bar has achieved worldwide fame and recognition, hosted historical events, launched the careers of some of Australia's most well-known industry personalities and cemented its place as an institution of the Melbourne bar scene. This year has marked a new era for 1806 with new staff members, a new menu and another 2 Bartender Magazine Bar Awards.

It has been a busy year for 1806. In June, we saw the opening of The Understudy, a new bar in the basement of 1806 which focuses on the modern and molecular styles of mixed drinks. A slightly deranged décor and a different view on the enjoyment of drinks has been met with much intrigue and a slight sense of trepidation. The bar promotes a degustation style of service in which guests book for 5 course cocktail flights with the option of accompanied food. The menu is short and to the point but of a constantly evolving nature with drinks coming and going every fortnight. The bar's long term goal is to create a great following and host a variety of evenings in the space where cocktails are matched with different and sometimes obscure food and drink elements. 
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Guests were delighted by a delicious cocktail list which included 1806 favourites such as Tom Collins, Charlie Chaplin, Pharmaceutical Stimulant and Angel's Milk - all of which were delicious.

Each guest also received the new volume of 1806's Cocktail Book/Menu researched and written by Nick Reed and consultant James Tait titled "1806 Cocktails: World History as seen through the bottom of a glass”.

This new volume has once again raised the standard just as its predecessor did 4 years before. The book is made up of six chapters which each delve into the relationship between world events of a particular era and the corresponding evolution of mixed drinks. Each chapter is accompanied by a list of drinks from the respective period of time - complete with their recipes. The expanse of writing is broken up by a number of fascinating illustrations that were hand sketched from photos by owner of 1806, Lisa Kelly herself.
It was a brilliant evening enjoyed by all. 1806 is, at its core, an excellent watering hole. Its solid bar food supports that main impetus. Looking at the history of this Melbourne institution, the future is certainly very bright for those tireless souls behind Mixology Management and 1806.

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Gastrology bloggers attended 1806's 6th birthday event as guests of 1806.

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