Friday, 8 November 2013

High Tea @ LuxBite

LuxBite in South Yarra has taken the tradition of High Tea and decorated it with a sprinkling of pop culture. In true LuxBite style, Tea for 2 is all about giving you a unique LuxBite experience filled with bright coloured, bold and exotic flavours.

LuxBite’s desserts push the boundaries in the most miraculous manner. They flavour combinations are interesting, complex but most importantly they work.
Unlike other High Tea experiences, LuxBite’s Tea for 2 allows diners to curate their own dessert platter. You get to choose any two drinks, four macarons, two cakes and two sandwiches from their wide range of delicious treats.
LuxBite’s range of desserts and macarons is truly amazing. The macarons on offer range from the more classic flavours such as Salted Caramel and Hazelnut, to modern twists such as Heilala Vanilla Crème Brulee and Bamboo Oolong Tea but it doesn’t stop there. LuxBite push things to the next level with flavour sensations such as Ribena Lemonade and Kaya Toast.
Each macaron we sampled was assembled with care and attention; the immense pride with which LuxBite produces its macarons is evident from not only the appearance of each macaron but also in texture and taste. Luxbite’s exhibit a clear passion, patience and most importantly, precision.  
Endless Love Macaron Cake
Inspired by Pierre Herme’s Ispahan: lychee ganache, rose cream, lychee, fresh raspberries, rose & lychee macarons

The combination of perfectly soft yet chewy rose and lychee shells, the decadent lychee ganache and rose cream filling was a marriage made in heaven; it was truly superlative in every sense.
Opera Banoffee
Hazelnut sponge, banana ganache, Sichuan pepper, chocolate crunch, salted toffee buttercream

The visually attractive “Opera Banoffee” was a magnificent layered creation. The mixture of the light hazelnut sponge, together with the slight kick from the Sichuan pepper, the intense richness of the ganache and the saltiness from the toffee buttercream produced a balanced and delectable dessert.
LuxBite’s Tea for 2 is a modern and decadent experience which is available at the fraction of the price of a full high tea. More than just an ordinary retail cake store, LuxBite is a fun, interactive workshop where people can go to embrace and indulge in the sweeter things in life. LuxBite founders and flavour-makers Bernard Chu and Yen Yee employ their artistic ingenuity to craft a diverse range of desserts that push the boundaries with great success.

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Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of LuxBite.

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