Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Cafe Review: Vintam's Bakery Café

Location: Shop 109, 111 Merchant Street, Docklands
Phone: 03 9670 0116
Cuisine: Asian, Bakery, Vietnamese
Overall Impression: 7/10
Vintam churns out cheap and cheerful Vietnamese delights such as banh mi and pho.
The banh mi offerings at Vintam are brilliant value. 
BBQ Chicken Roll
BBQ Pork Roll

For about $6, you receive a crunchy bread roll shimmered with egg mayo and pâté, filled with generous serves of the meat of your choice (both the BBQ chicken and the BBQ pork are particularly delicious), topped with a salad of sweet pickled carrots, cucumber, coriander and fresh chilli glossed in a hoi sin glaze. It is both fresh and very tasty.
Alanna tried one of the muffins and was not impressed. But at $3 a pop, it was difficult to be too critical.
No frills - the food is simple, to the point and irresistible.

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Special thanks to my favourite S***** S***, Alanna for a delicious lunch at Vintam.

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