Saturday, 26 March 2011

Restaurant Review: Kellybrook Winery and Restaurant

Location: Fulford Road Wonga Park 3115 Victoria Australia
Phone: 9722 1304
Cuisine: French
Overall Impression: 4.5/10

I guess I was just dissapointed. It looked so good on the website. I was salivating just looked through the menu.. checking out what was on offer! In the restaurant's defence, I am a pretty excitable person. (Is excitable a real word? Wait I just checked, yes it is!) Anybody who knows me, knows how much I enjoy just waiting in anticipation. I enjoy booking weeks in advance and planning what to order like a week before I step into a restaurant. Now that I think about it, I probably have some mental disorder. But I digress… The point is I was very excited and I already had high expectations for this place. And the prices didn't really help. So, all things considered, including value for money, I think 4.5/10 is a fair score. Oh and one thing that this place is famous for is Apple Cider! Both J and I really enjoyed the drinks we ordered. I got the Kelly Brothers Sparkling Cider and J got the non-alcoholic cider
Chicken and pistachio terrine served with homemade fig chutney Caramelised sweet potato and coconut cream soupSalmon paté – prepared with smoked and fresh salmon, served with dukkah-spiced toasts Fillet of Blue eye, baked, and served with a minted green pea puree and parsnip crisps Porterhouse steak, chargrilled, and served with Kellybrook Shiraz jus Honey and almond tart, served with honey and spice icecream and clotted cream Apple brandy cheesecake served with brandied apple compote and clotted cream

Nothing was really wrong with the food. It was just very very ordinary. There's nothing wrong with 'ordinary' food per se ,but I didn't think the prices were justified. I was particularly dissapointed with my Salmon paté. It was just way too salty. Which would have been fine if it had been served with a whole lot more bread. The soup and the terrine, on the other hand were both far too sweet. The evening ended on a high though. With a delicious honey and almond tart. What was truly special was the home-made honey and spice ice cream. The place has a really nice ambience. Its not a very long drive from Melbourne but when you get there, it feels like you're miles and miles away. J and I walked through their garden before heading inside for dinner. And it was lovely.

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