Sunday, 6 March 2011

Restaurant Review: The Court House

Location: The Court House, 86-90 Errol Street, North Melbourne
Cuisine: Modern European After hearing so much about The Court House from wine-loving friends who had gone on and on to me about their extensive wine list and amazing food, I decided to go there. I thought this might be a good learning experience since my palette for wine is so unrefined, I am happy to drink out of a cask. I had a Pinot grigio simply because, the waitstaff told me it would match what I was having. The bread was freshly baked and arrived at our table. I love sourdough bread. This was delicious! We were told it came straight out of the oven.
Grilled Asparagus Salad with White Truffle Oil

A simple dish done well. The crunchy macadamia nuts worked very well with the rest of the dish and the beautiful aroma of white truffles permeated the dish. Very refreshing dish =)
Braised Globe Artichokes and Celeraic Velouté

It was sooo light! Creamy and yet not too heavy. Beautiful balance of flavours.
Confit Duck leg caramelised onion, pumpkin and thyme jus

This was far too salty for my liking. The duck skin was beautifully crisp and everything else was cooked quite well but as a whole, I wouldn't recommend this dish.
Pan Fried Atlantic Salmon Filletroasted Tuscan red onion, watercress, olive and caper salad

The fish was cooked to perfection. Crispy skin, beautifully tender inside. I've had bad experiences with Salmon where chefs have overcooked it but this was perfect. The roasted Tuscan red onion, watercress, olive and caper salad accompanied this dish harmoniously. Very pleasant.
Orange Cremé Caramel

Beautifully presented, and the taste certainly didn't dissapoint. The Cremé Caramel just melted in my mouth.

Overall Impression: 5.5/10

Extremely helpful staff. The staff had great knowledge on all the wines on offer. Gave us lots of advice on what would be appropriate for our meal. Excellent service - great attention to detail. Food was pleasant but quite average for a once hatted restaurant.
Note: This review was written in early 2010 and things may have changed since then. Please refer to comment below!
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Anonymous said...

When did you last eat at the courthouse? There was a change in chef a year ago and the food has moved a long way from the images and descriptions shown in your blog. At the very least I believe you need to date your Blog! It is an unfair depiction of what the courthouse is today.

Gastrology said...

Thank you for your constructive criticism. I have recently 'moved' blogs and will endeavour to date the posts I have moved across as soon as possible.