Thursday, 17 March 2011

Restaurant Review & Store Review: Suzuran

Location: 31 Chambers St, South Yarra
Phone: (03)9804 7396
Cuisine: Japanese
Overall Impression: 8/10

Our hearts go out to the Japanese at this difficult time. J and I love Japan. We have very fond memories of the time we spent there. The people, the culture and the food are captivating. There is such an emphasis on perfection that we admire. And as such we have been having Japanese themed days every once in a while to reminisce.Suzuran's sushi bar impresses us everytime when we visit during one of our 'Japanese' days. It consistently delivers good quality, fresh and authentic Japanese sashimi and sushi. A must have is their surf clam sushi. It is amazing. Seaweed salad, Sake and Sake cups also from Suzuran
On this Japanese themed dinner, we also bought some delicious cloudy sake. I love cloudy sake in particular, it really packs a punch when it comes to depth of flavour. But on the other hand, clear sake has a clean crispness that I also enjoy.
I guess I just love all sake.
Even the lower grade sakes tickle my fancy. I'm not a big drinker in general but when it comes to sake… bring it on! Yes. I am a sake-aholic. The only problem with buying sake in Melbourne is a) it is not readily available and b) when it is, it is often over-priced compared to what we were able to get during our time in Japan. We accept that this cannot be helped and as such, Suzuran remains our favourite Melbourne outlet for sake shopping. Suzuran at the very least, stocks sake of varying grades and has a decent variety.
All in all, a great Sushi bar, and a good Japanese grocer with a wide range of Japanese ingredients, snacks and sake.
 Suzuran on Urbanspoon
Suzuran Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon

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