Friday, 25 March 2011

Restaurant Review: Red Spice Road

Location: 27 McKillop Street, Melbourne
Phone: (03) 9603 1601
Cuisine: South East Asian influenced, Fusion
Overall Impression: 7/10

Having heard and read good reviews about Red Spice Road (in particular with regards to their banquet option), I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to dine here. As you can see, it's not a place you would go to for an 'intimate' dining experience. Sharing is highly encouraged so I would suggest going with a group of people. I would recommend choosing a bunch of small eaters to go along with you, so you can eat more than your share!Entree: Betel Leaf with Chicken, Spanner Crab, LemonGrass, Chilli and Kaffir Lime

It was a solid start to the meal. This Thai style entree is an appetiser in every sense of the word. Mocktail: Green Asian
This was deliciously refreshing. The coconut and kiwi fruit really worked a treat.Barramundi, Watermelon, Cucumber, Mint and Coriander SaladLarb Woon Sen- Minced Chicken, Glass Noodle, Roasted Rice & Herb Salad Left: Crispy Five Spice Pork Belly with Chilli Caramel, Apple Slaw and Black Vinegar Right: Lamb Meatball & Potato Red Curry

We also had the Slow Cooked Beef, Water Spinach & Mushrooms with Lemongrass, Chilli Broth. Each dish was delicious. Of particular note was the Pork belly. It was packed full of flavour, the traditional five spices (star anise, cloves, cinnamon, Sichuan pepper and ground fennel seeds) were prominent in the dish. It was also perfectly seasoned. The pork itself was beautifully tender.  Another dish definitely worth trying is the barramundi dish. Succulent and perfectly cooked in a tasty batter, the dish was balanced with just enough acidity from the watermelon cubes. The dining experience as a whole was extremely enjoyable. The banquet option at Red Spice Road is a great way to try various South East Asian influenced flavours.

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