Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Restaurant Review: Kinya

Location: River Front, 70 Lorimer St, Docklands - 64A River Esplanade, Yarra’s Edge
Phone: (03) 9646 2400
Link: http://www.kinya.com.au/
Cuisine: Japanese
Overall Impression: 6/10 Wagyu beef tataki Lightly grilled thinly marble texture sliced beef with special kinya's soy sauce Perfectly refreshing. The wagyu was tender and beautiful with the quail egg and soy sauce. Golden Fish Grilled marrinated snow fish with chef's special miso It was described as a signature dish and 'a must try'. I found it very similar to the miso cod fish served at Nobu, at a much reasonable price. The intensity of flavours were not as strong as what J and I had experienced at Nobu but Kinya's version was executed equally as well. The fish was cooked to perfection, the snow fish has such a silky texture and the charred bits of caramelised miso on the bottom of the fish were delectable. Sashimi Moriawase Variety of sliced raw fish One of the distinguishing factors of a good Japanese restaurant is the chefs' sushi and sashimi preparation skills. The sashimi was cut well but it lacked the refinery of other Japanese restaurants/eateries we had sampled such as Nobu and Suzuran. The sashimi was however, very fresh. Green tea, red bean and black sesame ice cream The ice creams were beautiful. Intense in flavour and brought us back to the Japanese ice creams we had the chance to indulge in at Ikebukuro's Ice Cream City in Tokyo.
As far as Japanese food goes, I would recommend Kinya. It is a quality establishment that serves up good Japanese food at a reasonable price.
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