Thursday, 3 March 2011

Restaurant Review: The Press Club (Bar)

Location: 72 Flinders Street
Phone: +613 9677 9677
Cuisine: Greek

I have a not so secret crush on George Calomboris. I find his passion for food and fine dining adorable and his role in MasterChef very clever. So, I was very excited to finally dine at The Press Club, his 2 hat baby. Lovely ambience
Greek Soda!
My dining companion had just returned from Santorini, Greece and said it was the exact same sodas that had there =) Nice touch, George! ;)
Entree: Mezethes board
Entree: Half shell scallops, garlic skordalia
This was AMAZING. The flavours were perfectly balanced. The best scallops I have ever had. I've never been a huge scallop fan until NOW. The saltiness of the garlic skordalia was just perfect and the raisins (or what tasted like raisins) added just a touch of sweetness to the very fresh scallops. The scallop was beautifully tender and cooked to perfection. And the after taste was a salty creamy feeling that lingered on my pallette.

Main: Chicken rotisserie, white bean skordalia, lemon potatoes, marouli salad
The chicken was incredibly tender. But then again, they hadn't used chicken breast or anything, so I guess its not so incredible that the texture was such. This dish burst with rich and wonderful flavours. I really liked the lemon potatoes. Perfectly seasoned and brought a nice citrus-y element to the dish.
Main: Fish of the day, properly garnished 'Greek style' Our fish of the day was atlantic salmon.
Dessert: Baklava
Traditional baklava. To the point. A traditional dish done well. Wasn't as good as the entree and the main which was slightly dissapointing but it was still pleasant.
Bar Area

Overall Impression: 7.5/10

Great dining experience. Wonderful food. Staff clearly had good knowledge of the wines on offer and definitely helped us match the wine we ordered to our food etc but there was an air of arrogance in the service which I didn't appreciate. The service was prompt (although they did forget to fold my napkin when I went to the ladies at one stage...:P). Apart from that, highly recommended!
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