Saturday, 25 July 2015

OLDTOWN White Coffee

OLDTOWN White Coffee recently opened its first Australian outpost mid last month.
Established in 1999, OLDTOWN White Coffee is Malaysia’s largest white coffee café chain.
The menu pays homage to Malaysian food in general with particular emphasis on dishes from its place of origin, Ipoh. 
Sotong Kangkung Rojak

We started with a dish of cuttlefish and spinach (also known in Hokkien as “Jyu hu eng chai”). A “salad” of sorts, the dish had beautifully wilted water spinach and tender cuttlefish laced in rojak sauce which is a flavoursome concoction of  shrimp paste, black caramel sauce, belachan, sugar, tamarind water, lemon juice, chilli powder and fresh chillis. 
Sotong Sambal Petai

The Squid with Petai beans cooked in sambal was delicious. One of our favourite Malay dishes, we enjoyed the gentle bitterness from the Petai which cut through the richness of the sambal. 
Assam Pedas Fish

The Spicy Assam Fish was yet another highlight. The perfectly seasoned assam curry broth possessed the customary punchy flavours exhibited by Malaysian curries. We loved the beautiful tartness from the assam base which goes particularly well with fish.
Whether you’re looking for a light snack of kaya toast and coffee, or a Malaysian feast, OLDTOWN White Coffee delivers with their great range of Malaysian cuisine. 

Location: 303, Elizabeth St Melbourne Vic 3000 
Phone: 03 9939 4268
Cuisine: Malaysian

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Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of MATRADE's Malaysian Kitchen Program.

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