Saturday, 11 July 2015

Box of Scrolls - spreading love one box at a time

Box of Scrolls is an online retail service from Oregano Bakery which delivers legendary cinnamon scrolls. 

Box of Scrolls have perfected the art of the humble cinnamon scroll. Turning moist, light dough made into fresh, aromatic cinnamon scrolls infused with the perfect cinnamon and filling, it is no wonder Box of Scrolls already have a cult following. Customers can order online and have cinnamon scrolls quickly delivered to most cities around Australia. 

We immediately fell in love with the smell and flavour of Box of Scrolls’ cinnamon scroll. The scrolls are a blissful indulgence. Perfectly sweet, they boast a beautiful cinnamon aroma and taste. The perfect way to indulge in the simple pleasures of life, Box of Scrolls’ fresh-baked cinnamon scrolls is an old-fashioned reward that takes you back to simpler days.
Clockwise : Cinnamon; Nutella & Banana Scroll; Cookies & Cream; Nutella & Banana

Box of Scrolls' product line also includes “Variety Scrolls”...

Nutella & Banana Scroll -  Lovers of Nutella rejoice! This one's for you... The Nutella & Banana Scrolls are decadent and possess a melt-in-your-mouth quality that is just heavenly. The slightly savoury buttery flavour of the scroll cuts the rich taste of the Nutella and banana, resulting in a dessert that is not only incredibly indulgent, but very well balanced. 

Cookies & Cream Scroll - Gooey, sticky and crumbly, the Cookies & Cream scrolls are not for the faint hearted and will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. It is the perfect scroll to spoil yourself this winter.

Salted Caramel Scrolls - The Salted Caramel Scrolls on the other hand impress with their stunning salty sweet flavour profile. Fluffy and moist on the inside and topped and filled with velvety salted caramel, they were stunning. 

While the classic Cinnamon scrolls remain our favourite Box of Scrolls variety, the variety scrolls definitely give the originals a run for their money!

Box Of Scrolls 
Order online: Scrolls can be quickly delivered to most cities around Australia. 
Phone: 1800 SCROLLS 

Gastrology bloggers received the scrolls courtesy of Box of Scrolls.

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