Monday, 20 July 2015

Bax Food Co

The brainchild of three passionate members of the Caribbean community, brothers Roderick and Dalton Grant, and friend Romain Grenville, Bax Food Co is a restaurant concept born from the trio’s desire to share their Caribbean culture.
The partners have worked to create an environment at Bax Food Co that is true to heart of their culture, and one which offers diners a high quality and authentic experience.
Prince of darkness - Appleton Rum, Tamarind, Apple juice, Dash of lime, Demerara sugar

The décor is warm and welcoming, embodying a vibrant vibe perfect for casual dining with friends over a couple of their delicious cocktails.
Cassava chips; Ackee, saltfish and mushroom pattie w tomato love apple sauce

With a communal-style dining fit-out and a selection of smaller and larger dishes designed for sharing, Bax Food Co offers guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the spirit of the Caribbean, without leaving the country. 

Small or ‘Irie Grub’ menu items include mini goat sliders and smoky BBQ pork ribs, whilst the ‘Boss’ grub menu features more substantial dishes, such as traditional Jamaican jerk chicken, a jerk platter featuring a selection of jerk-style meats and corn, goat curry, and escovitch whole baby snapper. 
Jerk platter, jerk chicken, pork ribs, chicken wings, roast jerk corn

The platter was very impressive and we loved tucking into every corner of it. The pork ribs were falling off the bone. While the, jerk chicken were delectably covered in a delicious array of herbs and spices and juicy. The wings were sticky and moreish. Just. Yum.
Goat curry with potato and wicked spice with roti bread

The goat curry was decadent. The full-bodied, curry had just the perfect balance of heat and creaminess and paired beautifully with melt-in-your-mouth morsels of goat. We enjoyed the richness of the curry and the generous use of spices which showcased customary Jamaican flavours.  
Dark shadows - grapefruit, condensed milk with a dash of spices 

Sections of grapefruit covered with sweetened condensed milk - it was delightful. Make sure you order this if you are in the mood for a treat.
Sweet potato pudding 

A comforting dessert made from sweet potatoes and yam with sprinklings of plump raisins is a hit. We loved the hints of aromatic vanilla and nutmeg and the addition of sherry wine and rum which produced a soft slightly gooey pudding.
Bax Food Co is injecting a touch of Caribbean culture into Melbourne’s western suburbs. The latest addition to Yarraville’s Gamon Street, Bax Food Co delights foodies and families alike with their contemporary take on traditional Jamaican street food.

Location: 83 Gamon Street, Yarraville, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9689 2854
Cuisine: Caribbean, Jamaican

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Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Bax Food Co.

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