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Finding a home on Abbotsford’s Victoria Street, Arisoo exudes a casual and welcoming environment.

In line with its social setting, the menu items are primarily designed for sharing, with dishes divided into user friendly sections. The menu is abundant with options and features authentic Korean combined with modern techniques and twists alongside excellent service.
The home-made banchan are extremely addictive condiments. Each wonderful in its own right, they were a brilliant accompaniment to our enlivening culinary journey at Arisoo.
Assorted Korean pancakes

We enjoyed the assorted Korean pancakes comprising of a few kimchi pancakes, seafood & chive pancakes and mini seafood nuggets. The seafood & chive pancake was of particular note, boasting a crispy and light texture courtesy of being made from wheat flour and pan-fried with the perfect amount of heat. 
Spicy Japchae

The Spicy Japchae noodles were an absolute stand out. While many Korean restaurants in Melbourne serve Japchae, Arisoo’s variety are a cut above. The slippery stir-fried sweet potato starch noodles had the perfect balance of sweetness, savouriness and umami flavours and were enhanced by just the right amount of spiciness. Highly recommended!
Spicy soft tofu stew made with seafood and egg
Army base stew - Ham and sausage stew with kimchi, assorted vegetables

Arisoo are also famous for their delicious stews which are a labour of love and made from scratch. The resultant stock used is unsurprisingly a concoction of decadently rich, unadulterated flavours. We loved sampling their Spicy soft tofu stew and Army base stew - Both unctuous liquid gold which went well with either noodles or rice. 
Three flavours of fried chicken - Original fried chicken, Sweet and Spicy Fried chicken and Soy garlic fried chicken

The meaty fried chicken morsels were each crusted with a flavoursome spice mix and then perfectly fried to achieve a moreishly crunchy exterior.  Each flavour was delicious and distinct. A must-order when visiting Arisoo.
Marinated pork belly with chilli sauce base
Marinated pork belly with soy sauce base 

Our final savoury dishes were plates of glistening pork belly slices. Plates that evoked excitement upon arrival, each slice of pan fried pork belly consisted of perfectly delicate layers of pork fat which exploded with intense porky goodness with each bite. Both the chilli sauce base and the soy sauce base delivered - merely a matter of preference for more of a spicy kick or an umami hit. 
Hoddeok A-La-Mode

The hoddeok took us back to the streets of Korea - Wonderfully crisp on the outside and filled with gooey melted sugar, aromatic cinnamon and crunchy nuts. 
Banana flambé served with vanilla ice cream sprinkled with ground peanuts and slivered almonds

For the less adventurous, the banana flambé will ensure your visit to Arisoo ends on a delightfully sweet note. Arisoo’s banana flambé is a classic French dessert done well. 
Arisoo delivers high quality Korean cuisine and assimilates perfectly in Melbourne’s casual dining scene.  The food produced adheres to a very high standard and looks to both surprise and please.

Location: 285A Victoria St, Abbotsford
Phone: (03) 9943 5615
Link: Facebook 
Cuisine: Korean

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