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Eis is a Japanese restaurant in Albert Park which has been opened since August 2001.
Eis is the realisation of chef and owner Hiroyasu Aoki’s dream. The menu displays Aoki’s vision of simplicity and elegance while the interior is chic. We were pleased to be presented with a degustation curated by Aoki.

Salmon carpaccio sea salt lemon juice & basil paste

The carpaccio of salmon arrived as a plate of thinly sliced salmon topped with lemon juice & basil paste (not dissimilar to pesto). While not thoroughly resolved, it was an interesting dish in both texture and taste.

Crispy chicken wrap with cucumber, carrot & sweet soy sauce

Each portion of crispy chicken wrap was carefully prepared to ensure that each was fresh and warm when consumed. With a generous slice of crispy chicken, fresh cucumber, carrot and ample sauce, it boasted a crispy batter.

Grilled half eggplant with miso paste and spring onion

The dish of grilled eggplant was a homely and very tasty dish. The eggplant was adorned with caramelized miso which burst with umami and a melt-in-your-mouth texture.


The sashimi was fresh and showcased technique.

Chicken teriyaki with grilled vegetable

The chicken teriyaki was tender and lacquered with a sweet soy teriyaki sauce.

Panko crumb fried banana, Ecuador 70% dark cacao chocolate with sesame and vanilla ice-cream

Eis’ take on the traditional banana fritter was rather lovely. The banana had a light and crispy batter and was soft and sweet inside. Served with creamy vanilla and sesame ice cream and drizzled with decadent dark chocolate, this was a pleasant end to our meal.  
Eis is a restaurant that seeks to unite a passion for good food and good service. The offerings stay true to the traditional Japanese way.

Location: 188 Bridport St. West, Albert Park 
Phone: (03) 9645 7448
Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Eis.

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