Saturday, 7 December 2013

St ALi’s interactive Masterclass

Gastrology bloggers were recently invited to attend an interactive masterclass at St Ali where guests worked for their meal.
Head Chef Andrew Gale filleting a whole salmon

At the masterclass, we learned about preparation methods, specifically with fish. We also learned about the art of creating a sauce, and various plating up methods.

And of course, we got to taste the end product...
Smoked salmon with creme fraiche
Baby Snapper with beans
Chef Andrew Gale has turned up the heat on the St Ali menu by creating truly inspired café food with an emphasis on local produce and challenging the norms of café food with ingredients such as kimchi, ox tongue, wild mushrooms, truffles, pig cheeks, seaweed, and let’s not forget plenty of offal.

We were given the opportunity to taste some of Gale’s very interesting and delicious creations…
Lamb brains, Corn fritters
Ox heart marinated in rosemary olive oil and garlic

St Ali has always been known for a solid food offering even if it did play second fiddle to coffee, but since June 2013, head chef Andrew Gale has been in the kitchen to give the brew a run for its money. 

The interactive masterclass was a great opportunity to see how St Ali has evolved since Gale's involvement but above all, it was an enjoyable and educational experience.

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