Monday, 23 December 2013

Run free and carry on @ Frolic

Frolic's new Fitzroy store

Frolic Frozen Yoghurt has just opened a new store on Brunswick Street just in time for the warm weather.
Frolic's Camberwell store

We met passionate owner Rafi who explained that only the best and freshest ingredients are sourced for both his Frolic stores.

To ensure that guests have a consistent experience whether they are in the Fitzroy store or the Hawthorn store, Rafi takes pride in having invested in the best froyo machines available and carefully calibrating them to ensure the texture and consistency the yoghurt is perfect across the venues. 
To build a Frolic Froyo creation, guests can first choose from a selection of cup sizes, and fill that cup up with any yoghurt flavour they like.
Guests can then add to their favourite froyo flavour any combination of candy, fruit, nuts, or other treats from Frolic’s do-it-yourself toppings bar.

Our favourite froyo flavours were the coconut and the original (vanilla). 
The coconut froyo is beautifully creamy and there was an ample amount of sweetness that did not overpower the twang that comes with a good frozen yogurt. The coconut flavour was beautifully light and refreshing version. 
Frolic’s original (vanilla) flavour was delightful. The sweetness and the tanginess of the yogurt was perfectly balanced. 

By far our most favourite topping at Frolic was their Halva. It was the best Halva we have ever tasted. The heavily sesame-flavoured halva had an almost creamy consistency, a vanilla after-taste and was simply a beautiful addition to Frolic’s yoghurts. 
Frolic yoghurt is a self-serve, choose-your-own-toppings froyo store with 2 locations in Melbourne. Frolic offers a multitude of delicious, traditional and original froyo flavours to suit any taste. Customised with a generous selection of do-it-yourself toppings, Frolic provides a tailored experience that can either be extremely indulgent or innocent fun, self-served in a lively atmosphere.

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