Thursday, 12 December 2013

29th Apartment Relaunches

29th Apartment has received a good old-fashioned cut and polish. She’s shiny and new and just dying to take you by the hand and lead you astray - And you won’t be able to resist.
We were privileged to meet Steve and Keti Thomas, co-owners of 29th Apartment and Chapel Street’s Pawn & Co. (one of the 5 most dazzling bars in the world according to Forbes magazine) who were behind the refitted, refurbished and revolutionised 29th Apartment.

Steve provided us with a full run down on the story behind 29th and its renovations. In short, 29th Apartment is a re-creation of the apartment originally owned by the salacious Katishe, a lady of the night who endeavoured to become a famous artist who, as the story goes, lived in the apartment before leaving for New York and unwittingly becomes St Kilda’s premiere lady. 
Katishe's paintings adorn the walls and tell stories of the streets of New York. These stories are brought to life through the venue’s introduction of three-dimensional elements, offering an inspiring and eclectic journey through a fusion of Katishe’s apartment and the city that never sleeps. 

The menu

The venue boasts New York landscapes, a comfy lounge room with an array of games, a raised “fire escape” seating outside an apartment building, Katishe’s bedroom – complete with a NY style bed that folds away to reveal a fireplace and mantle, a bathroom, a bus stop, booth seating outside a hotel and a graffiti-filled dodgy alleyway.
The cocktails at 29th Apartment were amply sweet and to our delight, they were also very generous with that volatile substance we love. A good cocktail should always have a decent Alcohol By Volume (ABV) reading and these did not disappoint.
Buffalo wings
NY Steakhouse Burger
Goats cheese pizza (Note: Pizzas are $1 on Wednesday nights!)

The NYC-inspired dishes are the choice with any drink. We particularly enjoyed their finger lickin' Buffalo wings. In general, the dishes served are unfussy, tasty and brilliant to share. 
29th Apartment offers an experience that sparks the imagination and stimulates the senses, making this a trendy and affordable hangout for any crowd.

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Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of 29th Apartment.

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