Friday, 20 December 2013

Pidapipó - Authentic Italian, artisanal gelato arrives on Faraday Street

Location: 222 Faraday Street Carlton, Melbourne
Phone: 0422 004 750
Cuisine: Gelato, Ice Cream
Overall Impression: 8.5/10
Local artist Esther Stewart, design agency Fabio Ongarato, interior designer Tamsin Johnson and English illustrator Emily Forgot have come together under gelato maker Lisa Valmorbida’s lead, to open her first test lab and store.
Gastrology bloggers were privileged to be invited to the launch of Pidapipó where we tasted some of their amazing gelato. The menu boasts an array of exciting and delicious flavours including traditional flavours such as hazelnut, pistachio (our personal favourite), fior di latte and gianduja; and some other more interesting (and equally delicious) flavours like yuzu and vietnamese mint and pinacolada.
Lisa Valmorbida
Pidapipó's  gelato's amazing texture and taste is testament to the perfectly balanced base that is used to make each flavour. 

Each element is meticulously measured, pasteurized on site and left to rest over night. In the cold of the fridge the ingredients bind, creating a distinctively smooth, dense texture. Finally, fresh fruit and raw ingredients are measured with precision to create unity and balance, just before being churned, frozen and served. 
Stored in the pozzetti protected from air, moisture and temperature changes, Lisa’s traditional method culminates in a taste that is sensational.
Watch out, N2 and Gelato Messina, you've got some serious competition. With delicious recipes that have been tried and tested, evolved and perfected, Pidapipó is a welcome addition to Melbourne's frozen dessert scene. 

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Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Pidapipó. 

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