Saturday, 21 December 2013

Product Review: Jalna Sweet and Creamy

Jalna has just launched a new ‘Sweet and Creamy’ range of yoghurt which is based on Jalna’s Natural Greek Yoghurt recipe. 

The yoghurt is velvety smooth in texture and lightly sweetened with fruit juice which makes it less acidic than Jalna's traditional Greek yoghurts.

There is nothing artificial in any Jalna products (i.e. no gums, starches, gluten, gelatine, stabilisers, preservatives, colours or acidifiers, no numbers in the ingredients list or words you don’t understand) and this is the same with their new ‘Sweet and Creamy' range. 
Jalna has also recently launched a snack size Citrus Splice, another dessert alternative that is a throwback to that famous 1980’s pairing of citrus and cream that conjures up memories of walking to the corner store on a hot summer’s day!

Jalna’s new addition to its pot set yoghurts are perfect for summer. We loved that there are no artificial additives, contain all the goodness of yoghurt (e.g. contain 3 million+ ABC probiotic cultures per 100g) and proudly Australian made and owned.

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Gastrology received the product courtesy of Jalna.

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