Monday, 21 December 2015

Ile de France cheeses

Made in France, Ile de France cheeses offers the opportunity to discover gastronomy and elegance à la française.

We enjoyed tasting a selection of the beautiful cheeses...
Mini Brie

Exceedingly cute, the Mini brie has an unctuous texture and a creamy taste within its thin and undulating white rind.  We loved the convenient little packs.
Tranches de brie

The Tranches de brie is conveniently packed in ready to taste thin slices. We loved this cheese cold or toasted in a sandwich. The cheese possesses a unique combination of a sweet taste and a very creamy texture.
Brie Au bleu 

Lovers of blue cheese rejoice! This one is for you. Retaining a copious amount of flavour and freshness from ample ripening, the Brie au Bleu reveals characteristic blue cheese notes within the creaminess of a Brie.
Petit Camembert

Beneath its ivory-coloured rind, the Petit Camembert reveals its intense flavour and smoothness.  We loved the luxurious texture.
Ile de France offers products of unique quality, with a wide range of selected, carefully chosen French cheeses, helping you discover gourmet food, expert knowledge and the French way of life.

Find out more about Ile de France cheeses here.

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