Saturday, 15 December 2012

Restaurant Review: Dikstein's Corner Bar

Location: Corner Of Bank Pl And Little Collins Street, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9642 0943
Cuisine: Coffee, Tapas, Wine Bar, Pizza
Overall Impression: 7/10

Fi, Ri, J and I decided to have drinks after work before the Christmas break. For reasons I cannot share with you, we needed a venue that would ensure minimum awkwardness. 

After much thought, J and I decided on Dikstein Corner Bar. 
Dikstein Corner Bar is a brilliant bar and eatery tucked away on the corner of Little Collins Street and Bank Place. The bar has a wonderfully cosy and casual vibe about it, which made it the perfect venue for our purposes. 
What this bar is perhaps most famous for is its gourmet pizzas. Down to $6 in the evenings, they have a nice mix of pizzas with adventurous toppings and conventional pizzas. 

Their pizzas are of a good standard and are always enjoyable to eat. 
Pulled pork, maple glazed pears pizza 

Our favourite pizza from the night was the pulled pork, maple glazed pears pizza . The combination of flavours was wonderful - the sweet slices of pear perfectly matched the deliciously savoury pulled pork. While I would have liked more pulled pork on my pizza, at that price point, it’s difficult to be too critical. 
Spicy meatballs, napoli and parmesan pizza 
Salami, artichoke and olives pizza
Baby squid, chilli capers, lemon and rocket pizza 

Great pizzas, nice and casual ambience and good service - this unassuming bar certainly exceeds expectations.

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Anonymous said...

Hi you've posted this review on "Diksteins Side Bar" on Urbanspoon. The Corner Bar is the original, the Side Bar opened recently and is located on Lt Lonsdale St (and well worth a visit - I can't decide which one I like best!).