Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Cafe Review: Monarch Cakes

Location: 103 Acland Street, St Kilda
Phone: 03 9534 2972  
Cuisine: Bakery, Coffee, Desserts/Ice Cream 
Overall Impression: 7.5/10

Monarch Cakes have been doing what they do for over 75 years and the proof is, quite literally, in the pudding. Staying true to their Polish roots, many recipes have originated from their shop in Poland. Every cake is made fresh using raw ingredients in their most natural form.
mini chocolate kooglhoupf 

Monarch’s famous Chocolate Kooglhoupf lives up to its hype. The cake is marbled with white cake and chocolate fudge and is beautifully soft and moist. It was certainly a special treat. 
100 year old polish baked cheese cake

One of the best cheesecakes in town, the Polish Cheesecake was absolutely moreish. Truly standing the test of time, we were hold that the cheesecake has been made the same way since the early 1920’s. 
Monarch Cakes continues to be a St Kilda gem. It is the perfect place for cake and coffee or, if you prefer, to takeaway for a guilty pleasure at home.  

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