Friday, 16 August 2013

Restaurant Review: Roll'd

Location: various
Cuisine: Vietnamese
Overall Impression: 7/10

Roll’d is introducing Melbourne to Vietnamese-style fresh eating. The menu has an emphasis on creating fresh, healthy and delicious options and features popular items such as their Roll’d Soldiers, The B, Mr Bun Mee and  Uncle Pho.

Classique Vietnamese salad 
a classic vietnamese salad served with crab crackers

Roll’d offerings are delicious and are all served in a blink of an eye. Don’t let the long lines fool you. The Roll’d team knows you’d rather spend your time eating than waiting in line – so they do what they do, FAST.
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The B. 
Traditional noodle salad with your choice of core ingredient, topped with salad incl. pickled  carrot, shredded lettuce, cucumber, a sprinkle of fried shallots & mixed herbs - all finished with a generous helping of the trad. Vietnamese dressing. 
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Roll'd soldiers
rice paper rolls. handmade daily, incl. cucumber, mint,fried shallots, vermicelli, coriander
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Uncle Pho 
bowl of homemade noodle soup
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 Mr. Bun Mee 
the traditional street-vendor vietnamese-french baguette with pate & mama ly’s mayonnaise

From a small hawker-style Vietnamese eatery in a Goldsbrough Lane in Melbourne’s CBD, Roll’d now has a total of 6 outlets. Constant experimentation with new flavour combinations in their Oakleigh base kitchen ensures that Roll’d continues to offer a menu which evolves with consumer tastes.

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