Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Restaurant Review: Sichuan House Seafood

Location: 395 Victoria Street, Abbotsford
Phone: 03 9913 6235
Link: Facebook page
Cuisine: Chinese, Asian
Overall Impression: 8/10
Sichuan House serves up specialties from the far reaches of Western China, where the freezing climate encourages the copious use of chilli and peppers from the prickly ash tree.
The warmly lit dining room, combined with the warmth of restaurant manager Jerry, set the scene for what was a truly delightful dinner. The pace, the presentation, the service, and the food were wonderful. 
Gongbaojiding (also known as Kung pao chicken -  spicy stir-fry dish made with chicken, peanuts, vegetables and chili peppers) 

The Kung Pao chicken was moreish. The tender chicken pieces were cooked with red chilli oil, peanuts and chopped spring onions. This was a very flavoursome, spicy dish which paired beautifully with rice. 
Steamed barramundi in pickled chilli sauce

The steamed barramundi in pickled chilli sauce was lovely. Supple and moist, the fish soaked up the distinctive minty-pine Sichuan spice. 
Cummin pork ribs (fried braised pork spare ribs tossed in cumin and spicy salt)

The cumin pork ribs were fatty, soft and beautifully caramelised - a guilty indulgence. 
Yuxing eggplant (deep fried eggplant strips in yuxiang sauce)

The roughly sliced eggplant strips were crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and coated in deliciously sticky and spicy yuxiang sauce. 
Xiao long baos (steamed mini buns filled with pork mince and broth) 

The xiao long baos were tasty and brought back memories from our recent trip to China - the filling was succulent and the translucent broth reduction rich. 
Red bean, sesame seed and green tea ice cream
Ice cream filled mochi (ice cream filled rice cakes made of glutinous rice)

For dessert, an assiete of ice cream and mochis really hit the spot and cooled us down following the fiery savoury courses. 
All of the dishes we sampled at Sichuan House were exemplars of the gutsy, fragrant and fiery Sichuan approach to cooking. The dishes exhibited complexity, depth of flavour and a skilful use of spice, truly showcasing the multi-dimensional cuisine born from Sichuan province. We cannot wait to return. 

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For a similarly enjoyable Sichuan dining experience in the CBD, check out their restaurant on Corrs lane:
Sichuan House on Urbanspoon

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Sichuan House Seafood.

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