Saturday, 3 August 2013

Launch of HERE WE GROW Pop Up Cinema @ OST Bar Diner

The HERE WE GROW Pop Up Cinema launched on Bridge Rd on Friday the 2nd of August at OST Bar Diner.
Adam Bandt (Federal Member for Melbourne) speaking at the launch event 

Iconic Bridge Rd is experiencing a period of intense change and transition with new developments going up, traders moving in and on, and innovations - such as online shopping. ‘HERE WE GROW’ is a campaign which aims to highlight the opportunities for growth that currently exist on Bridge Rd Shopping. 
Hershel Landes (President of Bridge Rd Traders) speaking at the launch event 
The HERE WE GROW Pop Up Cinema celebrates Bridge Rd's delicious 'foodie' culture by showcasing three great films, served up with some delicious 'wine and dine' offers for local restaurants. With the help of Bridge Rd Traders, Yarra City Council and PopUnion, the Richmond Town Hall will be transformed into a Pop Up Cinema for three Friday evenings in August. 
Adam Bandt and Jackie Fristacky Mayor of Richmond 
The next Pop Up Cinema is on Friday 9th of August and will be screening Chocolat, a romantic film based on the novel of the same name, authored by Joanne Harris.

You can find out more about what's growing and what’s popping at

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Images courtesy of PopUnion

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