Sunday, 16 December 2012

Frozen yogurt battle: Yo Chi vs Cacao Green

Location: 292 Carlisle Street, Balaclava
Phone: 03 9527 7001
Cuisine: Frozen yogurt
Overall Impression: 6/10 

Yo-Chi is yet another yogurt outlet that now graces the Melbourne foodie scene. Frozen yogurt has become increasingly popular and it is no surprise why - 98% fat-free with active cultures and probiotics, what’s not to love? 

Yo-Chi is all about self-service. All you do is: 
  1. Select the yogurt of your choice and help yourself to as much or as little as you like. 
  2. Head towards the counter where you can top your yogurt with fruit and a variety of other delicious toppings. 
  3. Your yogurt and toppings are weighed and you are charged by weight (it costs $2.80 per 100 grams, regardless of which yogurt or toppings you choose). 
You get to choose exactly what goes into your yogurt, which means you can choose your favourite things in the proportions you like – brilliant!

Cacao Green Glenferrie on Urbanspoon
But how does it compare to Cacao GreenPut simply, the yogurt at Cacao Green tastes better. We found it creamier (despite containing less fat) and texturally superior to the yogurt at Yo-Chi, which displayed a hint of graininess. The yogurt at Cacao Green also has greater complexity with a more pronounced sour "twang" that is the hallmark of all good frozen yogurt. 

While the yogurt at Yo-Chi slightly pales in comparison, the concept is novel. There are more than 22 toppings to choose from, including gorgeous treats like halva, crumble and chocolate-covered goji berries. There is also the choice of a non-dairy yogurt which is great for those who are lactose-intolerant. 

All in all, Cacao Green takes first place in this comparison if judged purely on the quality of the yogurt itself. But Yo-Chi's generous variety of toppings and self-serve concept makes it a more interesting proposition overall.

Yo-Chi Self Serve Frozen Yogurt  on Urbanspoon Cacao Green Bourke Street on Urbanspoon 

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Hannah said...

It kills me that froyo finally took off in Australia after I LEFT ARGH! Halva toppings and non-dairy yoghurt?! I want!

At least I got to try Cacao Green before heading off, though :P