Thursday, 5 May 2011

Lantern Ghost Tours (Point Cook)

The ghost tour was a bit of fun. I really enjoyed myself even though I found myself leaving the lights on in my room when I went to bed that night.
The ghost tour was led by a lady who looked the part. She claimed she was a clairvoyant. The whole experience was very interesting. It was nice listening about the various events that had taken place at Homestead Point Cook.


Taylah said...

is it scary? honestly? urm... im 13 years old and i brought it up with my cousin and my mum to go to this as i like this sort of scary stuff, and my cousin gets pretty creeped out? do you think it will be too scary for 2 13 years olds? and how many people go on the tour with you ?

Gastrology said...

Hi Taylah!
It just depends on how easily frightened you are. I definitely get scared quite easily and even so, I didn't find it too scary. When I went, we were in a group of about 10 people. My understanding is that each tour has a "scare factor" labelling. So, if you're worried, maybe you can choose a tour that has a scare factor labelled "beginner", "moderate" or "high" and stay clear of the ones labelled "extreme"? Hope this helps! :)