Monday, 9 May 2011

Restaurant Review: Old Kingdom

Location: 683 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills, 3127
Phone: (03) 9898 3343
Cuisine: Chinese, Malaysian
Overall Impression: 6/10

The service was appalling but with Peking duck that good, I must admit, I will definitely be back.
 The duck was simply perfect. The skin was deliciously crisp, with a thin and perfect layer of fat (its always disastrous when the fat is too thick or chewy - personally, that produces a gag effect). The crepes were moist and delicately thin. The plum sauce concoction was good. The only thing I could fault them on was the lack of condiments to go with the duck. Give me more cucumber and spring onion!
The other dishes that come with ordering the duck (i.e. leftover pieces of duck stirfried in bean sprouts and the soup) are not really worth commenting on.
But yes, very good Peking duck.
Leftover pieces of duck stirfried in bean sprouts
Duck soup
Complimentary fruit to finish the meal
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Anonymous said...

With a restaurant this busy - ambiance is almost an impossibility. The duck is excellent and the restaurant is clean with plenty of room between tables. Compared to the other opposition offering peking duck - this place is miles in front. For $55 a duck including 3 courses the value and quality is outstanding.