Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Cafe Review: Barista Espress

Location: TG03, Ground Level,  Goldsborough Lane, 181 William Street, Melbourne
Phone:  (03) 9670 6620
Cuisine: Cafe-style food
Overall impression: 5/10 

I finally got to catch up with my  wonderful ex-colleagues after months of planning! It wasn't a particularly good day for a catch up. The weather was horrible - it was absolutely freezing, and very soon, we could see the rain falling down from where we sat.
We quickly forgot about the weather.  JW had just returned from an exciting trip and it was really good to see her and ASP had exciting news about a delicious man in her life.
Neither of us had eaten at Barista Café but this was a pleasant experience. The food met expectations, the coffee was better than average and the service was prompt.
Being in Goldsborough lane is pretty cool too cause that meant we could do a bit of shopping before returning to our respective work places.

 Pizza with side salad
Creamy mushroom and avocado rigatoni

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