Friday, 12 June 2015

Mr Miyagi

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Mr Miyagi.
Drawing influence from the izakaya style of Japanese eating and drinking, Mr Miyagi offers a compelling proposition - stylish, laid back surrounds, a diverse drinks list and a clear focus on serving up delicious, playful dishes.
The decor fuses modern, grungy elements with traditional Japanese design to produce a cohesive whole. 
Specialising in Japanese and Pan-Asian share plates, the food served ranges from creative and contemporary such as nori tacos and tuna tataki pizza, to Japanese classics such as sashimi, nigiri and yakitori.
Nori taco  - grilled salmon belly, vinegar rice, spicy napa cabbage, Japanese mayo, chilli oil

Mr Miyagi’s pièce de résistance, the Nori taco was mind-blowingly good. The crisp taco shell of tempura nori sheets was filled with perfectly seasoned sushi rice, tangy kimchi, rich salmon adorned with chilli oil and Japanese mayonnaise. With all ingredients in perfect harmony, every bite was a feast for the senses - a stunning dish.
Tempura broccoli 

Another highlight was the tempura broccoli. The soft broccoli was encased in ethereally light and crispy tempura batter. Generously covered with a layer of grated cheese, this dish was vegetarian comfort food and would make anyone with a distaste for broccoli reconsider.
“MFC” - Miyagi Fried Chicken

The famous MFC lived up to expectations. Each morsel of fried chicken was tender, juicy and distinctly flavoursome. We loved how this crispy bar staple was done impeccably well without compromise.
Kabocha pumpkin toast – white chocolate and pumpkin ganache, honeycomb, yoghurt sorbet and pumpkin ice cream

Our favourite dessert of the evening, the kabocha pumpkin toast can best be described with one word - wow. The scattered presentation was an artistic mix of order and chaos. The bursts of tartness from the yoghurt sorbet worked well with the creamy white chocolate and pumpkin ganache while the honeycomb provided a wonderful textural element. A fantastically delicious amalgam of unlikely ingredients, the kabocha pumpkin toast is a must try for any visitor of Mr Miyagi.
Combined with a vibrant atmosphere, diverse beverage selection and warm staff, Mr Miyagi is an exciting foodie destination and has certainly earned our stamp of approval.

Location: 99 Chapel Street, Windsor
Phone: 03 9529 5999
Cuisine: Japanese

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