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#GastrologyInGranada - Daring and innovative cuisine @ Los Patos

Regularly described as one of Granada's “destination” restaurants, Los Patos allows diners to embark on a culinary journey through the local flavours of Granada.
Housed within the classical Hospes Palacio de los Patos, the restaurant benefits from its inspired surrounds. The mixture of colours, textures, light and prominent water feature creates a calm, relaxing environment. The menu by Head Chef Blas Hidalgo features fresh local produce, modern culinary techniques and authentic flavour combinations. 
The dining room boasts floor to ceiling windows which partition the large, airy space and provide a view out to the gardens. The dining service runs seamlessly, led by friendly and knowledgeable sommelier and restaurant manager, Carlos Alvarez. 
From left: “Salmorejo cordobés” Cold tomato soup with Iberian ham and egg; “Remojon granaino” Tipical salad with potatoes, codfish, orange, black olives and olive oil.

We started with several traditional entrees as well as more modern dishes. The Salmorejo cordobés was luxurious while the Remojon granaino was refreshing. The hot entrees also impressed with flavour. The Iberian cheek croquettes in particular were expertly made. The croquette had a wonderfully crisp exterior which combined beautifully with the tender cheek and Iberian ham which provided salinity to the dish.
From left: Black budding candies, Moorish lamb pastela, puff pastry pieces with lamb and vegetables, Iberian cheek croquettes; Skewer crumb with sausages, Prawn skewer, Californian roll
Potato and truffle foam

The potato and truffle foam was absolutely outstanding. The creamy and light whipped potato was combined with generous shavings of black truffle. The potato foam was texturally perfect and provided a magnificent canvas for the pungent truffle. A simply mesmerising dish.
From left: Cod tripe and chickpeas; Scrambled eggs with morels and Iberian ham
Calamari and artichokes with squid ink vinaigrette

Another highlight of our amazing degustation was the dish of calamari and artichokes with squid ink vinaigrette. The dish boasted tremendous balanced - with the richness of the squid ink vinaigrette combining well with the perfectly cooked, tender calamari.
We were pleased to leave wine matching in the expert hands of Carlos. Each course matched each wine perfectly and gave a tremendous insight into Spanish varietals.
Baby octopus with “concasse”tomato and smoke oil

A vibrant dish of baby octopus with tomato and smoked oil graced our presence next. Flavoursome and aromatic, the subtle sweetness of the baby octopus was allowed to shine through.
Lobster stew

The lobster stew was tremendous. Sweet, luscious, perfectly cooked morsels of lobster were bathed in a rich, aromatic broth of impressive depth and complexity.
Red mullets with asparagus, mushrooms and “noisset”butter

A complex but well balanced dish, the red mullet was perfectly seared and its natural flavour was further enhanced by the subtle sweetness of noisiest butter sauce. It was a magnificent dish.
Oxtail with “parmentier cream” beet pure and demiglace

The oxtail was tender and delicious, with caramel undertones courtesy of being slow-braised. Paired with an earthy braising sauce, the oxtail fell away at the weight of our spoons. 
Our favourite wine from the evening was the 1368 Cerro Las Monjas. The wine was a wonderful blend grown in high altitude, and boasted black fruits, aromatic complexity, vibrant acid and well structured tannins. 
Crisp pig, comfit potato and “padron” green peppers

Los Patos has truly mastered the art of pork roasting. The pork was succulently roasted to retain its juiciness, achieving a healthy layer of melt-in-the-mouth fat in the process. The crackling possessed an ideal crunch, elevating the tender pork meat.
From left: Spice orange with tangerine ice cream; Coconut soup, berries, orange zest and pistachio ice cream

Our dinner concluded on a sweet note with a duo of desserts. Each dessert was beautifully prepared. The spice orange with tangerine ice cream was refreshing with its citrus acidity while the coconut soup with berries, orange zest and pistachio ice cream was decadent and well-conceived. In keeping with the incredibly high standard for the evening, these desserts were a thoroughly enjoyable end to an amazing meal. 
Petit fours: Almonds “macaron”, Spice orange, “Pionono” typical dessert
In the safe hands of Head Chef Blas Hidalgo, Los Patos impresses with daring and innovative culinary techniques combined seamlessly with tradition. A decadent and memorable dining experience, Los Patos is a restaurant that truly lives up to its outstanding reputation.

Location: Solarillo de Gracia 1, 18002 Granada, Spain
Phone: +34 958 53 57 90
Cuisine: Modern Spanish, Mediterranean

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Los Patos.

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