Sunday, 14 June 2015

#GastrologyInBarcelona - Negro-Rojo - Charisma and gastronomic vigour in the Barcelona CBD

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Negro-Rojo.
Located within the central business district of Barcelona, Negro-Rojo combines international and Japanese cuisine in two distinct levels that stand out for their impressive design and culinary offerings. 
We were pleased to indulge at Negro the level which houses modern International cuisine with Mediterranean influences. 
The scene is set with a sleek black designer kitchen which boasts Mediterranean and oriental characteristic and large window which allow natural light to flow into the cavernous space. T central chiaroscuro creates a cosmopolitan and modern environment, making it ideal for lunch or dinner in the evening.
Chicken and ham croquettes

The croquette had a wonderfully crisp exterior which combined beautifully with the tender chicken and ham which provided salinity to the dish.
Grilled squid with romesco

We adored the presentation of this dish and loved the flavours even more. The quality of the squid was exemplary. The perfectly cooked squid was adorned with slightly tart and refreshing romesco. A Mediterranean dish which allowed the natural sweetness of the squid to shine.
Spicy sea bass ceviche 

The ceviche was a wonderful mélange of different textures, natural sweetness and acidity. Titbits of fresh cured sea bass were embellished with thinly sliced onions while a sprinkling of fresh herbs added the final touch to an enlivening combination of ingredients.
Grilled octopus with potatoes 

This dish was an absolute highlight of our meal. Simply named grilled octopus with potatoes, the dish delivered over and above its humble appearance. The octopus was incredibly tender while retaining a robust structure courtesy of being expertly cooked. The accompanying smashed potatoes were creamy, well-seasoned with a lovely underlying extra virgin olive oil flavour. It was perhaps one of the most memorable dishes we tasted in Barcelona. 
Shanghai Duck

The dish of Shanghai Duck had us fighting for the last morsel. The delicate thin pancakes were a lovely canvas for the velvety duck flesh and its perfectly crisp skin.
Apple Tart

Buttery crumbly pastry is filled with a luscious apple served with vanilla bean ice cream for a refreshing contrast.  It was a hearty dessert that was perfect for a splendid finish. 
Negro-Rojo draws in the crowd with its unique experience. Dine in an atmosphere full of charismatic and playful contrasts while being seduced by delicious international cuisine. You will not be disappointed.

Location: Av. Diagonal, 640, 08017 Barcelona, Spain
Phone: +34 934 05 94 44
Cuisine: International, Japanese

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