Thursday, 14 July 2011

Restaurant Review: Bucatini

Location: 454 Whitehorse Rd, Mitcham
Phone: (03) 9873 0268
Overall Impression: 7/10
J and I both took a wonderful week off work recently and it was filled with culinary delights.
One such delight was Bucatini. After shopping at Harvey Norman in Mitcham we decided to sample one of the local restaurants. After hopping into the car and driving around for less than a minute, Bucatini caught our eye.
We drove into quite a substantial parking compound for Bucatini patrons and were surprised to see that it was completely full. Prior to this occasion, we had never even heard of the restaurant but this quickly sparked our curiosity and suddenly we were eager to dine there.
It was strange walking into this lovely restaurant. It was literally located among direct factory outlets etc so this was an unexpected find.

We were seated close to the beaming fire place. Everything felt so cosy. The ambience was warm and relaxed. Looking around, we could see that the restaurant attracted many pensioners.
We noticed a $25 lunch special. This included either an entrée and a main; or a main and a dessert. At that price, it was hard to resist.
Roasted whole field mushroom, topped with sun-dried tomato pesto, goats fetta and a balsamic reduction
Porterhouse Steak- Grilled to your liking and served with chat potatoes, spinach and red wine jus, pepper or mushroom sauce
Every course was of a good standard. The dishes were simple but very enjoyable to eat. The only downside was the manner in which our steaks were cooked. We had asked for our steaks to be cooked medium-rare but it was cooked to more of a well-done state. That said, the steaks were both tender and still very pleasant to eat.
After J was almost finished with his main, the wine finally arrived. This was quite disappointing but was made good by the fact that the wine had clearly been poured out of a fresh bottle. So often when you order wine by the glass, you receive wine that is a bit worse for wear so this was a good surprise.
Mixed Berry Crepes
Our meal ended on a high note with these crepes. With just the perfect level of sweetness, they were delightful.

We cannot wait to go back and sample their a la carte menu!
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