Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Restaurant Review: La Citta

Location: 11 Degraves St, Melbourne
Phone: (03) 9014 8824
Overall Impression: 6/10
K, Z, J and I decided to all catch up during our lunch break at Degraves St today. We are all heading up to Rutherglen this weekend so we needed to discuss accomodation options. The girls already had food and only wanted coffee and the boys were starving so we decided to dine at La Citta because the restaurant didn't seem very busy and there were lots of seats available.
Overall, the service was surprisingly slow given how empty the restaurant was. The food however, was worth the wait.
Rib eye char-grilled with hand cut fat polenta chips and mushroom saunce
The steak was juicy and tender. Cooked medium rare, as requested. The polenta chips were deliciously crisp and very well seasoned. It was a very enjoyable main.
Lamb, parsnip puree, spinach and jus
The lamb was tender and everything on the plate was again, well seasoned and good.

At the end of the meal, we had accidentally been short changed. I had the horrible task of going back up to the counter to ask for the correct amount of change. As such, the meal unfortunately ended on a very sour note. I could tell that the lady behind the counter did not believe me entirely but was relieved that she gave me the benefit of doubt. As we left the restaurant, I could feel our group being evil-eyed by the staff. It was not a good feeling. To be fair, I can understand why. If I don't return, it would only be because I don't think I would be welcome back after that.
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