Thursday, 14 July 2011

Café Review: Cup of Truth

Location: 12 Campbell Arcade Degraves St Subway, Melbourne
Phone: 0415 962 922
Overall Impression: 7/10

It was time for the truth. We were ushered there by someone important. “But I thought you didn’t like any of the coffee places nearby?” J asked, puzzled. The response was, “Who said it is nearby? All will be revealed when we get there.”
And off we went, trying to keep up with his pace. We soon reached the entrance of the train station and he went down the stairs. Slightly alarmed, we hoped that we weren’t taking a train somewhere just to get a cup of coffee.
When we ventured down the flight of stairs, we were greeted with a lonesome coffee stand. It was called ‘The Cup of Truth’ – and how appropriate for our purposes that day. The coffee was very pleasant and the novelty of it all was expounded by the fact that the location felt so secret. It is not enough that Melbourne has great coffee. They just have to be located in intimate spaces. And sometimes, the coffee places are so cool a simple alley way just won’t do.
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