Sunday, 10 July 2011

Cafe Review: Brother Baba Budan

Location: 359 Little Bourke St, Melbourne 
Cuisine: Coffee
Overall Impression: 8/10
It's one of those things you learn very quickly in the corporate world - People come and go.
I still remember the first time someone I had grown quite fond of leaving during my grad year. I was devastated. Holding back tears (quite unsuccessfully), I bid her a warm farewell.
Anyway, it has happened again. The thing is, I don't have many 'friends' at work so when a colleague that also happens to be a friend leaves, I cannot help but feel very disappointed. I understand the decision he has made and am excited for him as he starts his new life with his fiancé by travelling the world. So, JA, JW, Mimsy and I decided to grab coffee at Brother Baba Budan to reminisce the good times we have had together at work.
I loved the chairs hanging down from the ceiling. The décor was funky and warm at the same time.
With their Seven Seeds coffee beans, we were all sure that the coffee would be excellent.
Short Macchiato
And the Long Macchiato said to the Short Macchiato...
And the coffee was brilliant. No wonder the 'three beans' status. Be warned though, this place does get quite crowded during lunchtime.
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