Monday, 1 December 2014

Brunch/Coffee Reviews: Providence | Laurent | Emily's place | A Treat of France | Filter | Lt. Nic | Grapeseed | The Little Man Cafe | Becasse

Providence Cafe
We adored our brunch at Providence Cafe where Head Chef Cate Hardman showcases her passion for seasonal ingredients and cooking. 
The menu features produce from Victoria’s farmers markets. Cate brings her modern touch to traditional cookery (think sumptuous bacon and egg pies and lip-smacking breakfast berry clafoutis).
The coffee is excellent.
As are the delicious range of juices.

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Cafe Lua
Great brunch spot which is pumping on the weekends. Loved their take on smashed avocado on toast. This place has been consistently good over the past couple of years. 

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Laurent Boulangerie Patisserie
A lovely place to rest in between shopping at Westfield Doncaster over French/European style breads, cakes and pastries over a mocha.

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Emily's Place
Lovely ambience which makes you forget you're in the bustling CBD, Emily's place offers good coffee, friendly service and beautifully presented food.

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Taste of France
Located in Southbank, A Treat of France is an unassuming little cafe. 
They serve the best almond croissants around. Crisp and buttery, these have come straight from heaven.

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Filter delivers with high quality brewed Small Batch coffee. The ambience is calming courtesy of its minimalistic design.
It's our go to CBD coffee location.

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Lt. Nic
A brilliant addition to the Melbourne Central end of town, this place is fantastic. Expect warm and inviting service, great coffee and reasonably priced and good lunch options.

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Set in the heart of Wedding gown shopping central, Armadale, Grapeseed is a lovely little cafe with a cheerful ambience.
 We enjoyed their summer salads and fresh juices.

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The Little Man Cafe
Located right in the heart of Seddon, The Little Man Cafe is a neighbourhood gem.
The specialty coffee served is excellent.
Their breakfast and all day brunch options are fresh and delicious.

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The Kettle Black
A lovely brunch spot with a limited menu which ticks all the boxes. 
In addition to the fantastic ambience,  the food served is very generous and really reasonably priced. The only downside is that the place gets really packed and can be quite noisy.

The Kettle Black on Urbanspoon

Possessing a clear European sleek, Becasse is a lovely cafe eatery with a delicious variety of French sweet treats. The lunch options are fresh and tasty.

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