Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Pop Up Scroll

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Pop Up Scroll.
The latest creation from Julian Chew, former owner of the popular Lip Café in Ivanhoe, Pop Up Scroll, has just touched down in Smith Street and offers an old-fashioned reward that, remains one of life's greatest pleasures.
Each scroll is made using techniques learnt from Julian’s impressive fine dining pastry training but in a way that brings it to the every day. Lovingly made, the collection of scrolls is chemical and additive free and uses organic ingredients. 
Alongside freshly baked scrolls which are made on site each morning the store offers carefully prepared coffee courtesy of their shiny new La Marzocco.  
Our coffees were well made, with the slight sweetness of the frothed milk cutting through the residual brightness from the foundation espresso (from Coffee Supreme beans).  Each came with an intricate rosetta in the milk foam.
Cherry Gingerbread

Made with good quality ingredients, the product line includes Original cinnamon scroll with cream cheese icing, Coconut white chocolate, Peanut butter & banana, Chocolate & caramel and Cherry Gingerbread
Original cinnamon scroll with cream cheese icing, 

The original cinnamon scroll was one of our favourites. Julian weaves his magic and turns moist, light dough into fresh, aromatic cinnamon rolls topped with rich, cream cheese frosting and infused with cinnamon and brown sugar. The scrolls are a blissful indulgence. Perfectly sweet, they boast a beautiful cinnamon aroma and taste.
Peanut butter & banana

Another winning flavour is Pop Up Scroll’s Peanut butter & banana scrolls. The scrolls were fluffy and moist on the inside and were topped and filled with velvety, decadent peanut butter and banana. The slightly savoury buttery flavour cuts through the richness of the scroll, resulting in a dessert that is not only incredibly indulgent, but very well balanced.
Coconut white chocolate

The Coconut white chocolate scrolls are a modern interpretation of the humble Malaysian coconut bun. Light and fluffy, filled with coconut shreds that helps provide a sweet taste and unique texture, we loved this clever rendition. 
Chocolate & caramel

Lovers of Chocolate rejoice! This one's for you... The Chocolate & caramel scrolls are decadent and possess a melt-in-your-mouth quality that is just heavenly. 
Scrolls may have been almost forgotten but Pop Up Scroll insists that they are indeed, ready to make their revival and we could not agree more. Marrying the concept of simple, sentimental baking and great coffee with playful, colourful interiors and retro styling, Pop Up Scroll is a welcomed addition to Smith Street’s bustling foodie precinct. The store is only new but is already full of patrons eagerly waiting to indulge themselves and fall in love with the smell and flavour of the scrolls.
As the name suggests, Pop Up Scroll is only around for a short time (until May to be precise) but there are already big plans in the pipeline for the next project due to open straight after the pop up closes its doors.  

EAT A SCROLL will be located just around the corner from the current location and will be a more permanent scroll house for customers to enjoyably follow them to. 

Location: 86 Smith Street, Collingwood
Cuisine: Bakery, Desserts, Coffee

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