Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Launch of Superior Gold smoked salmon @ The Flower Temple

Gastrology bloggers attended the event courtesy of Superior Gold.
Gastrology recently attended an exclusive launch event for Superior Gold, a brand new ultra-premium smoked salmon Launched just in time for the entertaining season, Superior Gold is setting a new benchmark for smoked salmon.
The official launch was an evening of sensory delight and was hosted by The Champagne Dame. We also experienced the art of superior salmon smoking with Superior Gold’s own talented Smoke Master, Nathan Smith.
The Flower Temple was the perfect back drop. We loved the beautiful space which was devoted to nature's beauty. Beautiful flowers spill from urns and rockeries in an enchanted indoor garden.
Superior Gold is set to redefine the smoked salmon category as it’s known, using the finest curing ingredients and most sophisticated smoking techniques to deliver Australians the ultimate smoked salmon culinary experience.
Rich in flavour, succulent in texture and sublime in taste, the new Superior Gold range is perfect for gourmet entertaining occasions. From Smoked Salmon Slices, Hot Smoked Salmon, to Connoisseur Cuts for cooking and traditional Gravadlax; Superior Gold has a delicacy for any canapé, entertaining platter or meal.
Only the finest quality Australian Atlantic Salmon is hand-selected from the exceptionally cool and pristine waters of Tasmania. The superior Australian Atlantic Salmon is artisanally cured and smoked by the Superior Gold Smoke Master, Nathan Smith.
Our favourite product from the range was the Superior Gold Hot Smoked Peppercorn Salmon. Perfect on its own with Superior Gold’s Garlic Aioli or added to a fresh salad, risotto or pasta dish, the hand selected superior Australian Atlantic Salmon is traditionally cured in a combination of Australian sea salt and Bundaberg raw sugar to preserve the premium quality, Once cured the salmon is then hot smoked over sustainably sourced Beechwood to bring out the salmon’s natural flavour whilst preserving the succulent texture and adding a smoky undertone. The Superior Gold Smoke Master, Nathan Smith, has overseen the process to ensure only the highest quality and premium tasting product is produced.
Superior Gold sets a new benchmark when it comes to premium taste. A beautiful deep orange coloured hue, matched with a tender texture and taste so delightfully sweet, smokey and sophisticated, Superior Gold has successfully pushed the boundaries to create a new premium product range, catering to all sophisticated entertaining occasions. 
Left: Superior Gold Gravadlax, radish, cucumber, horseradish
Right: Superior Gold Connoisseur Cut (freekah salad)

All Superior Gold salmon is responsibly sourced and farmed, in partnership with the WWF, and certified to ensure our environment and oceans are healthy for the future. The Superior Gold Smoked salmon range is also a good source of Omega 3 for optimum health.
Superior Gold salmon is beautifully packaged in a black sleeve with a signature gold emblem making it easy to spot in the refrigerated smoked salmon section of supermarkets. Superior Gold salmon is available in Coles, Woolworths and IGA from October 2014. RRP ranges from $5.49 through to $11.99.

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