Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Four Chefs @ Ms Collins

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Ms Collins.
Combining good food, fashion, music and art, Ms Collins is pushing the boundaries for Melbourne bars. 
The venue, which occupies the former Silk Road site at 425 Collins St, Melbourne, is the latest venture for Roar Projects, an established hospitality group responsible for Alumbra in the Docklands. 
Comprising four primary partners – Hatem Saleh, Simon Digby, Sami Saleh and Tony Perna – Roar Projects has a portfolio of experience that positions the team to successfully deliver a world-class night venue.
The venue is sexy and bold with luminous material against a dark backdrop.
Ms Collins proudly showcases her four identity chefs Jacques Reymond, Paul Wilson (Icebergs), Daniel WIlson (Huxtable) and Riccardo Momesso (Valentino) and beverage partner, Veuve Clicquot.
We indulged in eight dishes which were served with matching wines (two dishes from each chef) as well as desserts over a cheeky espresso martini.
Our favourite dish was Paul Wilson's Empanadas de picadillo with mission fig mole. The wonderfully flaky empanadas were filled with melt in your mouth slow cooked lamb and drizzled with sweet mole sauce. Topped with pepitas for some added texture, the empanadas were just beautiful. Another crowd pleaser was Daniel Wilson's Southern fried chicken ribs with jalapéno mayo. A popular bar staple, the meaty chicken ribs, more substantial and less finicky than chicken wing pieces, were crusted with a flavoursome spice mix and then perfectly fried to achieve a moreish crunchy exterior. 
Ms Collins takes you on a journey of culinary and liquid experiences from France (Jacques Reymond), to Mexico (Paul Wilson), America (Daniel Wilson) and Italy (Riccardo Momesso). A lovely venue in which to immerse yourself in each global corner of the world over a cocktail (or five).

Location: 425 Collins Street  Melbourne
Phone: 03 8614 2222 
Cuisine: French, Mexican, American, Italian, International

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