Friday, 18 January 2013

Cafe Review: Silo by Joost

Location: 123 Hardware St Melbourne
Phone: 03 9600 0588
Cuisine: Modern Australian
Overall Impression: 8.5/10
Tucked away on Hardware Street, directly opposite The Hardware Societe, Silo by Joost is quickly becoming one of J and I’s favourite Melbourne cafes. 

Silo by Joost is a project by eco-friendly entrepreneur Joost Bakker. Whilst very cosy, Silo by Joost makes excellent use of the available space and does not waste an inch. Plant branches dangle from the ceiling and there is a clear focus on the use of wooden furnishings. 

The kitchen is entirely open to the dining area, enabling you to watch the chef work his magic in great detail. The result is a wonderful space that feels intimate but not cramped. 
In keeping with the theme of minimising wastage, the menu has been designed to utilise every part of the ingredients used. 
We love when simple food is cooked perfectly with great care and attention, and this is exactly what we experienced at Silo by Joost. The beef was cooked to perfection – amply charred on the outside and pink on the inside. The beetroot salad was moreish and balanced. Both dishes had expertly judged textural elements lending greater complexity. 
Silo by Joost is a wonderful new cafe that over delivers on all fronts. The love and attention that has gone into everything, from the food to the decor, is readily apparent. We can't wait to return and enjoy another lazy afternoon here.

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