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Reviews: Göz City | Borek Bakehouse | World Restaurant | Nieuw Amsterdam | Jinda Thai | Shandong Mama | Tao Tao House | Om Nom Dessert Bar | Pat Bing Soo

Göz City

Göz City opened its doors in January. Combining the age-old gözleme tradition with a distinctly modern aesthetic and attitude, we liked the relaxed vibe of their cosy cafe. We had previously been invited to a tasting and exclusive preview back in March but were unable to attend. That invitation, however, certainly sparked our interest and we finally got around to visiting Göz City last week.
The menu is lead by four customary gözleme; cheese and spinach, Turkish spiced minced meat, herbed chicken and mushroom and veg. These are complemented with weekly unique and seasonally driven gözleme flavours and include a selection of Turkish, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern style salads, böreks and coffee. We enjoyed the gözleme on offer - they were each well flavoured. A great lunch time option - for those seeking something well-priced and a little different from this end of town.
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Borek Bakehouse

Borek Bakehouse is the real deal. Freshly made, absolutely delicious boreks, at ridiculously cheap prices. Get 2 of these babies for a mere $5 and you’re set for lunch. 
There is a solid variety of breads and there is a range of salads that are equally as delicious.
Whatever you do, don’t go past the spicy lamb borek – Flaky, fluffy boreks with flavoursome and delectably tender morsels of spicy lamb.
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World Restaurant & Bar

World Restaurant & Bar has an amazing view. Overlooking the banks of the Yarra River, it has a great ambience. The menu is internationally inspired and there is an extensive drinks selection.
A greater watering hole than it is a restaurant; the food we ordered at lunch was of a decent standard. 
The service is warm and welcoming and we loved the convenience of being able to book online.
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Nieuw Amsterdam
With a focus on sharing plates, Nieuw Amsterdam is one of Melbourne's "hottest" new venues with a brilliant vibe.
The food was of a relatively good standard and the service is brilliant. We thought the $55 banquet option presented good but not great value. It is nevertheless, a great venue to visit with friends.
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Jinda Thai
Jinda Thai is an amazing Thai restaurant in Richmond which delivers on all fronts.
The food is absolutely delicious, authentic and well-priced. We loved their desserts too which are a modern rendition of classic Thai sweets.
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Shangdong Mama
A very popular dumpling haunt, Shandong Mama is packed to the brim most days. While we thought the dumplings tasted reasonably good. We couldn't quite understand the hype.  
All in all, a good place for a cheap dinner with some dumpling options you won't see anywhere else. 
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Tao Tao House
Tao Tao House is a brilliant place for yum cha. The dumplings served are quite a few notches above the regular.
The only downside is some classic favourite are not available like century egg congee and tau fu fah.
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Om Nom

Situated within Adelphi Hotel, we were excited to discover Melbourne's latest dessert bar. We couldn't tell whether it was just an off night (given all the hype and the fact that we have heard great things about this venue) but unfortunately the desserts failed to impress.
Apple Sphere $24
Flavours of Ginger, Caramel and Lemongrass Tea, Vanilla, White Chocolate and Yuzu

The apple sphere was visually stunning but unfortunately lacklustre in taste and the white chocolate lacked the essential "crunch" when we cracked into it.  We felt that the dessert was crying out for the flavour intensity of each component to be amplified. 
Banana Flambe $22
Rum, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Chocolate Sponge, Vanilla and Caramelized White Chocolate Ice Cream

While, again, beautiful, this dessert was particularly disappointing as the chocolate sponge was incredibly dry. 

While we absolutely love the concept and believe there is great skill in the presentation of the items we tried, unfortunately, our experience was a disappointing one which was further dampened by an unfriendly hostess. 
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Pat Bing Soo
Pat Bing Soo is a welcomed new addition to South Melbourne’s food scene. 
Calm & Concentration Tea
Green tea with longan aril, citrus peel, Chinese dates, chrysanthemum & goji berries. Aids memory function & enhances concentration

The cosy eatery boasts a welcoming atmosphere and wonderful service. The menu features modern Korean cuisine which is both refreshing and appetising. 
Korean Fried Chicken

We enjoyed the Korean Fried Chicken which we thought had a beautiful batter but felt the sauce was too sweet. 
Left: Bulgogi pork bapper -  Greenvale Farm shoulder pork, carrot, zucchini, pickled Asian mushrooms, served with egg yolk and ssamjung on rice  
Right: Buckwheat noodle dream - Spicy red cabbage, fried egg and spicy soy, toasted sesame, spring onion, served on buckwheat noodles

Both the bulgogi pork bapper and the noodle dishes had punchy fragrant flavours and were very enjoyable. A bit heavy handed on the salt but nevertheless pleasant and well prepared. 
There were many enjoyable aspects to our visit. Despite our minor quibbles, the food was respectable and the accompanying service was outstanding.
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