Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Restaurant Review: Wat Da Pho

Location: 212 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne
Phone: 03 9696 5605
Cuisine: Vietnamese
Overall Impression: 7/10

Wat Da Pho is the relatively new kid on the block in South Melbourne. Having opened only a few months ago, Wat Da Pho has already garnered a considerable following.
Wat Da Pho is touted as a casual Vietnamese restaurant that showcases contemporary Vietnamese cuisine. Located in a cosy space along Clarendon Street, Wat Da Pho’s dining room exudes informality - whitewashed brick walls with splashes of colour from the quirky furniture. 
We started with a few rice paper rolls which were pleasant. Given we were visiting a Vietnamese restaurant and one that was pho-centric at that, it only seemed proper that we order a couple of bowls of pho – in our case, one served with beef and one served with chicken. 
TaiNam - Classic - Rare sliced beef + beef brisket 
Ga– Chick a Dee - Sliced chicken

Both the broths had a beautiful flavour and tasted natural. The ingredients used were fresh and of a good quality. We were both pleased with our phos. 
Wat Da Pho is a wonderful addition to South Melbourne’s culinary scene. The food tastes authentic and the service is friendly and prompt. 

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