Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Coonawarra Cellar Dwellers [1 - 31 July 2013]

Gastrology bloggers joined Coonawarra winemakers as they delved into their cellars to showcase rare, aged and back vintage wines throughout the month of July. This is the nineth consecutive year that Coonawarra Cellar Dwellers is being held. It was certainly a unique opportunity to taste and purchase Coonawarra wines not available or seen anywhere else.
Hollick Wines
We started our Coonawarra journey at Hollick Wines for a tasting before a delicious lunch at their restaurant. Hollick Wines is celebrating 30 years of Hollick during this year's Cellar Dwellers celebration. It was an opportune time to taste some of their Cellar Dweller treasures as well as the iconic Ravenswood Cabernet Sauvignon. 
Upstairs at Hollick on Urbanspoon
Leconfield Wines Coonawarra

Our next stop was Leconfield Wines Coonawarra where we were surprised with a truly aged Riesling that had been lying in the Leconfield Cellar for 20 years. 
Katnook Estate

It was time for Shiraz to shine at Katnook Estate. We joined in the tastings of sublime museum Shiraz  which are available right through the entire month of July.
Balnaves of Coonawarra

At Balnaves of Coonawarra we were impressed by a tasting of the 2007 vintage of ‘The Tally’.
The serene view at Majella Wines

Renowned for their fine wines, Majella Wines offered Cellar Dwellers the opportunity to taste two of their back vintages (2000 and 2005) and their current release 2010 Shiraz. These were an enjoyable fine Trio of wines. 
Wynns Coonawarra Estate

One of the most cellared and collectable wines in Australia, Wynns Coonawarra showcased back vintages of ‘Black Label’ next to the 2010 vintage.
Coonawarra Cellar Dwellers is a rare opportunity to taste and buy aged wines during the month of July. It was a truly memorable experience which showcased Coonawarra wines and their well known aging ability. This winter escape to Coonawarra was a wonderful way to spend a relaxing couple of days away from the hustle and bustle and to taste and learn about wine.

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