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2013 Melbourne International Coffee Expo [23rd to 26th May 2013]

This year, the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) brought together the World Barista Championship, the World Brewers Cup, the inaugural Global Coffee Review Symposium and Australia’s largest dedicated-coffee trade show. 
Over the four days, in addition to hosting the most high profile coffee competitions in the world, MICE brought together the region’s industry leaders to educate, inform and do business. Events included roasting workshops, café tours, and endless networking opportunities to meet and greet the world’s top coffee industry personalities and decision-makers.
Gastrology bloggers were invited by KeepCup, the Sustainability Sponsor of MICE to check out the Salute the Reuser wash station which is a  complimentary wash-up service for re-usable cups. 

In a focused effort to counteract huge waste (it is estimated that over 30,000 disposable cups will be used over the four day MICE event) Keepcup launched this environmental initiative geared towards waste minimization for this year’s coffee event. 

‘Salute the Reuser’ aims to encourage re-use and sustainability as a preferable alternative over dated use and discard attitudes to coffee cups. It is hoped that coffee providers will be encouraged to change from the current ‘throwaway’ mentality.
KeepCup is clearly committed to a better and more sustainable future, and empowers coffee lovers the world over to make simple choices that will have positive impacts now and in the future.

We had a wonderful time visiting our favourite Melbourne cafe exhibitors...

Exhibitor: Seven Seeds
Location: 114 Berkeley Street, Carlton, VIC 3053
Seven Seeds on Urbanspoon

The first brilliant coffee I tasted was at Seven Seeds. The cafe has a brilliant funky vibe and the coffee is consistently of a high standard. It was great to start our MICE adventure with their coffee.
Exhibitor: Market Lane Coffee
Location: South Yarra and West Melbourne
Market Lane Coffee on Urbanspoon Market Lane Coffee on Urbanspoon

Thick, creamy and beautiful crema. Market Lane Coffee does it again!

Exhibitor: Axil Coffee Roasters
Location: 322 Burwood Road, Hawthorn
Axil Coffee Roasters on Urbanspoon

One of our favourite brunch places in Hawthorn (think banana bread with rhubarb, marscapone and crumble...yum), Axil was also exhibiting at the MICE this year. We had a beautiful cup of espresso - well worth the wait! If you're in Hawthorn, we would highly recommend trying their coffee over brunch  - there are also many coffee choices available to purchase in the cafe.
Exhibitor: Code Black Coffee
Location: 15-17 Weston Street, Brunswick
Code Black Coffee on Urbanspoon

Quickly becoming quite a coffee institution in Brunswick, Code Black Coffee roasts high grade beans from international farms and growers, which results in a range of single origin coffees, signature blends and decaffeinated coffee.
Roasted with Probat roasting equipment, and extracted on-site with La Marzocco espresso machines, their coffee was delicious!
Exhibitor: Padre Coffee
Location: South Melbourne Market
Padre Coffee on Urbanspoon

Starting back in 2008, Padre Coffee has continued to be a popular cafe/stall in South Melbourne Market. A small owner-run business that prides itself on exceptional products and outstanding service, Padre puts a whole lot of love into their coffees.
Exhibitor: 65 Degrees Café
Location: 309 Exhibition Street, Melbourne
65 Degrees Café on Urbanspoon

Serving Gridlock Coffee, 65 Degrees Cafe creates specialty hand crafted coffee using a blend that has been used in national and international competitions. Their quality green beans (that have been specially sourced) have made each cup simply perfect. It was a pleasure to visit their stand.

Exhibitor: Proud Mary
Location: 172 Oxford Street, Collingwood
Proud Mary on Urbanspoon

Our final MICE coffee was from Proud Mary. A brilliant cafe in Collingwood, Proud Mary serves exquisite coffee and brunch. There were big crowds at the Proud Mary stand but it was easy to understand why. The espressos we were served were to die for.
It was a wonderful end to our 2013 MICE.

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